I Booked a Gig

I’ve got a gig on the books: April 16th at Republic of Pie. 

After so much time off, an upcoming gig is powerful shit. Things come into focus. 

Right after confirming, I shift into gear. I take my guitar out of its case, and underneath lies a setlist in Sharpie from last summer. There are songs I could lose, maybe even permanently.  

The time away was helpful. Things are clear.  

Fragments of new songs float between apps. The gig paints a bullseye and I get busy.  

I’ll play at least one new song on the 16th, and some old ones, of course--they hold the thing together. And I’m sure I’ll say something on the mic I wish I hadn’t. Hey, it’s been a while.

Gig details here.

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  • Bob

    Bob OH

    This blog post flows like a song; well done.

    This blog post flows like a song; well done.

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