Pies on Fire!

"Fire it up, man! FIRE IT UP," a guy exclaims as he jogs around the corner with an open-mouthed smile. Barefoot, thin, hair all over the place. He wears a tattered sport jacket, carries a beat-up acoustic guitar by its neck.  

He lets out a whoop and disappears behind the next building.

I look around for consensus. A middle-aged dude in sunglasses shakes his head and continues to inspect watermelons. He doesn’t get it. 

Guitar Man looked me right in the eye, man, as I opened my laptop. Right on cue. It’s like he knew I was about to announce my first-ever resident spot.  

That’s right, daddy-o: starting October 5th, I’m playing every other Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood! 

After booking me here and there this summer, the joint has put its trust in me as one of its regular acts. It’s an honor and I’m truly jazzed.  

To keep it fresh, I hereby vow to never play the same set twice. I’ve got new tunes ready and can’t wait to experiment. And I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve…some of them play bass, others play piano.  

Now dig—there’s no cover charge, ever. There’s great coffee, fantastic pie, and a menu full of items I haven’t tried yet. Free Wi-Fi for all you Snowden-hacker types, used books on topics ranging from spirituality to gardening, and a comfortable couch with a cute redhead on it. Well, she was there last time. 

I’m so excited I could run down the street with my shoes off. Might even carry my guitar by its neck. 

Fire it up, indeed. 

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